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atari flashback portable UK

Atari flashback portable
  1. Put your feet up and kick back relax while you button bash this retro style atari flashback portable console. Handheld console, to play atari classics with the unique atari flashback portable console.

Atari flashback portable

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Play games such as top old retro games like Asteroids, Centipede and frogger and many more. With the Atari Flashback portable contains and holds over 60 built-in retro classic games!

Atari Flashback Portable Features

  • Official Atari product – Handheld retro console classic
  • Recommended for age ranges of 5 and up
  • 60 Built-in classic retro games

Which is ideal for long journeys to help with boredom. Blast in the past with old retro gaming handheld console with the atari flashback portable.

Remember the game frogger where you had to control a frog to cross a busy road. Then when you cross the road successful you then had to cross the river by quickly judging the jumps to land on the logs floating down stream. Excellent game and there are tons more on this Atari flashback portable device.

With also room for an SD card so you can download your favourite Atari games and place them on to the SD card and play them on this Atari flashback portable device.


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