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Anki Cozmo Robot Review

Get to know more about the amazing AI Robot we call Cozmo. Here is our Anki Cozmo Review, the ins, and outs of this smart little robot which the kids will love. Cozmo robot can be controlled and ordered to do certain tasks with the use of an android phone using the app.

Anki Cozmo Robot Review

Cozmo is a fun little gadget AI robot for children and also adults to use. Make friends with this little robot and grow a bond with Cozmo, he also shows expressions as well as some emotions. Cozmo is smart indeed, you can control Cozmo with the use of your android mobile phone with the Cozmo app which you download onto your phone.

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So what can Cozmo Actually do?

Cozmo can do many things, which one of the cool things is he can teach you to code. Cozmo can also recognize you the owner and learn from you as much as you learn from him. He is smart and gets a whole lot smarter the more time you spend with Cozmo the more you will both learn.

Apart from learning code, the little Cozmo is also guaranteed to get you giggling with his sense of humour. You can earn energy/XP by using the app for Cozmo and unlock features to make Cozmo even smarter then he already is.

By playing games with Cozmo and watch as he performs little tricks as he loves to show off, also showing emotions of joy and at times sadness. Especially if you play the games and win him he will often go in moods of sadness.

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Who is Cozmo for?

Cozmo robot is for any age really, I would say and recommend anything from 8 years plus. This little buddy is not just for children adults also love him, ideal Christmas gift for your child or birthday and any other seasonal time.

Pros of Cozmo

  • Cozmo is fun for the Children and Adults.
  • The Cozmo Code Lab is brilliant and can be an often addictive learning tool for adults and children to help learn code.
  • As many features and always updating.
  • Does not take long to charge estimated charge time 30 minutes.
  • Learns from humans, also as set emotions from sadness/joy and can be moody. Cozmo will keep you smiling.
  • You also get power cubes which are used with Cozmo robot for the games you play with him and a charging dock station to charge him.

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Cons of Cozmo

  • Needs wifi connection for Cozmo, need to use an app.
  • First time set up can take some time, you will also need to help children with this as they may not be able to do this alone.
  • The price is a bit expensive, but you pay for what you get really.

Where Can I buy Cozmo

You can buy the Anki Cozmo Robot from Amazon and also they offer some other essentials which you can actually buy for Cozmo which can be ideal a carrying case and more.


Let us finish this Anki Cozmo Robot Review with our Cozmo Conclusion. Apart from the price been on the high side, what you see is exactly what you get. It is worth every penny in my opinion as it is suitable for children and can help learn you as well as have a little companion. Great entertainment for a family especially the younger generation they will love Cozmo.

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